smart pen

I was shopping with my hubby last Saturday at Staples for an ink cartridge. The ink jet printer that we have at home is quite an old model and we haven’t really use it that much. We don’t even know if that machine works. The shop was loaded with new stuff and we couldn’t manage to find the right one at the rack. Finally, we asked the assistant at the shop and realized that it requires special order and the ink cartridge is pretty expensive. Oh well, maybe it’s the right time to get a new printer since we can get a new one for less than $100, which can scan, print and copy these days.

We then shopped around, looked for a new printer. Surprisingly, we came across a new product, a Smart Pen. It seems it can do almost everything you want when you are taking notes. I said to my hubby that it is exactly what he needs when he’s working on his research. But, hold on. It requires a special kind of paper to utilize that smart pen. I know my hubby writes on almost anything which comes handy. Oh well, it may not be the perfect idea for him to use this smart pen. I just think that my hubby needs to be consistence in keeping his ideas. I used to have a notebook, which is a visual diary. Coz I draw a lot and write a lot. A blank writing/ drawing pad is perfect for me to put my ideas into it and I know exactly where are my ideas.

more videos at the website of smart pen:

YouTube – Livescribe Pulse smart pen

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