Happy New Year, continued

Everybody seems to be out-of-town for the new year weekend. Charles and I got lots of room when we were at the dancing floor last night. The church wasn’t as full as usual this morning. There are also lots of parking spaces every where we went.

Except the shopping mall.

In fact, when we got to the shopping mall, we were surprised to see all the shopping carts were gone at the entrance. At Target, there weren’t any shopping carts available; at Stop ‘n’ Shop, none. That is a sign of many shoppers are doing their post-holiday shopping. Charles said it’s coz most people are out of food after the holidays. At the same, I would say, this is capitalism. It’s all about buying and purchasing. We ended up buying a few things in the mall. And I felt so exhausted just to shop around.

It’s happy to get what we need. At the same time, I need a happy new year nap after we got home.

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