Last Kodachrome Prints Marks a New Decade

Last Kodak Kodachrome Prints Developed in Kansas | News & Opinion |


I was reading this article at and witnessing a new decade of photography. I used to take photos with my single lens reflex camera, and got the photos developed. The excitement of getting the photos to be developed and see how they look like in the end is fun.

About 10 years ago, I started to use a digital camera for photos because it’s more convenient to edit the image at the computer and get the image into a design at various design programs at the computer. Indeed, the instant image we get from a digital camera could be one of the reasons which change our habit in photo-taking.

A month ago, I was reading Time magazine about the death of telegram 2 years ago. And today, I read another article about the end of Kodachrome. For better or for worse? It seems sad for those who are nostalgic enough for prints. It’s kind of a missing. That’s why there is a website to pay tribute to the contribution that Kodachrome had in the photography industry. However, at the same time, I see evolution.

Developing photos becomes something like an art and craft thing or DIY that if you have the time and the tools, you can do it yourself at home. Unfortunately, developing color photos are not as easy as developing black and white ones.

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