Religious Items

I am a Catholic. And I was baptized when I was a baby.

Naturally (I guess), I have received prayer cards and holy cards from my parents, God mother and friends. I especially like those with traditional designs. I don’t know why, but maybe I am a pretty nostalgic kind of person, I prefer historical and traditional designs when I am picking up a Mass card or a prayer card.

One of my current design projects is coming up a few baptism Mass card designs. I was searching for references from the website of Liturgical Publications, Inc. and Good thing about is, they have very nice traditional images and paintings for reference and purchase.

baptism lace holy card from the Catholic Company

The Baby Baptism Lace Holy Card from the Catholic Company is probably one of my all-time-favorite styles. I like the lace around the card which gives a warm, feminine and delicate feel of the card. Another characteristics is that these kind of baby baptism cards are all in pastel colors.This kind of design matches the warm and tender feeling of a new born.

However, I was fascinated by the modern design from The baby sheep creates a very good symbol for a baby baptism card. I guess it’s coz is not a religious company. They have all kinds of gifts and apparels. Their designs are more modern. Although I am a big fan of religious items in traditional designs, I enjoy the witty, modern images applied in the religious items.

I am going to make a church program cover design for my God-daughter for her wedding in the church. The young couple is expecting a taste of modernism.

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