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By browsing the magazines, books (inside and out), album covers, web sites, go for window shopping, we can tell what is the trend in graphic design. Just a few minutes ago, when I googled “trend of logo design”, there was an article which caught my attention with the headline “The Year’s Hottest Logo Design“. Who doesn’t want to know about the trend and apply that in our design projects? Especially when most our clients tell us what they want after checking their competitors having a “trendy” design.

With the fast growth of the mobile device, almost everybody can go online and check info about a company, a product, stay in touch with friends, etc. We can now read a book or magazine from our iPad, Kindle, or Nook, etc more frequently than we actually holding those print materials. There was a tweet by Newsweek Education mentioned that textbooks are going digital.

This article about the trend of logo design has classified the logos into 5 different categories:

  1. Pixel
  2. Cubist
  3. Spores
  4. Hexahedron
  5. Parts

The following logos are the examples from the pixel group:

examples of pixel

Logo examples: Eight a.m. Brand Design for C2 MEDICAL SPA, Eightday Studio for Antioch Community Church Norman, Gyula Nemeth for HD City, Andrei D Popa for City Tower

Click and check for more examples for the Year’s Hottest Logo Design: http://flavorwire.com/107730/the-years-hottest-logo-trends

By looking at those logo design trends, I was asking myself “How about the print outs?”. There are some comments about the colorful new trend of logo design looks nice on web, but not print friendly. I remember that when I was teaching logo design. I told my students that however a logo looks like, a good logo design should be effective both in colors and in black and white. I wonder, if those “colorful” logos are in black and white, how effective will they stay?

So, I go back to our traditional teaching and was happy to find some common ground at Logo Design Love: (here’s the link for the article: http://www.logodesignlove.com/free-logo-design-love-book-chapter)

Here are the ideas:

From pencil to PDF

  • Mind-mapping
  • The fundamental necessity of the sketchpad
  • The Tenth Commandment
  • Pinning the map
  • Internationally recognized
  • No set time
  • Dress for success
  • Black and white before color
  • Where Photoshop comes into play
  • The pen is mightier than the mouse
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