Kung Hei Fat Choi

Traditional Images of Chinese Zodiac

This is the first day of Chinese New Year. We are now in the Year of Rabbit. There are lots of traditions and taboos in the Chinese New Year. Hence, most of us are very keen about our Chinese Zodiacs, so that we know what to do in order to boost up our luck and avoid the bad. I’ve been listening to the Hong Kong radio these 2 days. There are a few things we may need to aware, but at the same time, be happy about. In fact, I just noticed that my honey’s Chinese zodiac is Snake, rather than Rooster. He told me that someone said he’s a Rooster before, and I never questioned until today I found out from the list that he’s actually a Snake. Oh well, maybe it will give him a surprise, too if I tell him when I got home tonight.

Try it yourself and see which year was you born.

Besides the Chinese zodiac, I’ve read an article 2 days ago regarding Chinese New Year. At first it’s very cliche to read about the clean-ups we have to do to prepare Chinese New Year. However, the author was reminding us that we should also clean up our mind and spirit. We should make room for new hopes, but not sad memories. Yes, indeed. I should be welcoming new hopes and beginnings.

Let’s hop into a new Year.

Have a Hopping Chinese New Year!

CNN on Chinese New Year 2011 in Hong Kong: http://www.cnngo.com/hong-kong/visit/bunny-faces-and-cheerleaders-chinese-new-year-hong-kong-220048

Reuters on facts about CNY: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/01/28/us-china-newyear-facts-idUSTRE70R1BP20110128

Info about the Year of Rabbit: http://www.stanssewingsupplies.com/catalogs/store.asp?pid=253080

Personality Traits of the Snake: Snakes are governed by their innate wisdom and intuition. Snake people think alot. Snake people are fast learners and will never make the same mistake twice. Snakes like the best things in life. Yin to the Dragon’s Yang, you are mysterious, quiet, and a deep thinker and would be successful as a philosopher, fortune-teller or best friend.

Personality Traits of the Tiger: Tigers are romantic, lovable, magnetic and independent. The tiger is an optimist. You are brave, kind, daring and full of feeling. You might be a race car driver, animal trainer, reporter, or soap opera star.

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