Super Bowl XLV commercials

Before I write my comments on the commercials, please click the link below and enjoy.

The top 10s are funny ones.

Here are my top 10s:

  1. Chimps,
  2. Bridgestone: Beaver,
  3. Snickers: Roseanne Barr,
  4. Doritos: House Sitting (I love it when the grandpa comes back to life).
  5. Volkswagen: Darth Vader Kid,
  6. Coca Cola: Dragon,
  7. Bud Light: Dog Party,
  8. Pepsi: Can Thrower,
  9. Chevy: Senior Citizens,
  10. Kia Optima: One Epic Ride,

They either make me feel more interested in their products (“Doritos: House Sitting” as an example). Or, fill our commercial breaks with fun (“ Chimps“, “Chevy: Senior Citizens“, “Snickers: Roseanne Barr“, “Pepsi: Can Thrower“, “Bud Light: Dog Party“, “Volkswagen: Darth Vader Kid“. Or, make us feel amazed with the graphics or effects in the commercial (“Coca Cola: Dragon” and “Kia Optima: One Epic Ride“).

As the host, NFL has done a pretty good job to cut the shots from different TV dramas and series with a scene referring the Super Bowl game and put them into a commercial: TV Favorites.
Although we manage to have our top 10s, the Super Bowl XLV commercials are not as impressive as expected. We all look forward to the commercials during the break of the game. However, there are quite a number of them that we can simply skip them.

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