Valentine’s Day

Some ideas on Valentine’s Day manners from Fox 25 Morning News:

Valentine’s Day manners: Love & etiquette:

Yes, I agree that even if I say I don’t want anything, I am actually saying, “Honey, it’s okay not to give me the roses at $1000 on Valentine’s Day. However, if you can at least get me one rose, that will be SO great.” I mean, I appreciate if my honey takes time to do something for me. Even I know that Charles is not a shopping person, if he can get something at home and transformed it into something romantic, I think it’s still a very good idea. Just to be careful that I hope I don’t have to remind him to get me something when “big days” approach. Too bad, most men are not very sensitive in that. I guess that’s why the companies out there are pushing things very hard. After all, it’s also about consumption and money.

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