Valentine’s Day Card

The Valentine's Day card from my Honey

Finally, I got a Valentine’s Day card from my Honey.
Do you know it’s Chinese Valentine’s Day tomorrow? It’s the 15th day of Chinese New Year, when we celebrate the first full moon. Everyone gets together. One of my cousins has a line at his facebook: When you love the right one, every day is Valentine’s Day. That is so true.

Any greeting card (of course, including Valentine’s Day card in this case) is not just telling the receiver that you remember what is happening, it also shows how much you care about the receiver. For example, if the wordings or graphics can speak well on behalf of you, there is a click on both the giver and the receiver (just like the one I got from my Honey). With a funny design on the card, the atmosphere seems a bit casual. It works well with birthdays, especially when age is involved. It does a great job between friends. With floral patterns, it gives the receiver a calm mood. You can fill the card with your wordings and change the theme.

Don’t oversee the great power of a greeting card, it can do a wonderful job for you.

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