The King’s Speech

"The King's Speech" movie poster

Charles and I have been talking about “The King’s Speech“. Until last Friday, we finally watched it, before the Oscar’s.

We liked this movie. It’s a well-made film with beautiful pictures. The costume is fine designed and appropriate for the story and the background. The settings match what it’s suppose to be. The doctor’s office, however, is very unusual and bizarre with patches of colors at the wall and the layout. At the same time, this is where the future King found confidence in himself surrounded by these layouts. It’s very pleasant to watch this movie. We didn’t feel that 2 hours have gone by with the movie. The flow and pace are just right. This is also an inspiring story, which make viewers feel better when facing our obstacles.

Lionel's yellowish wallpaper

There are many interesting and memorable scenes in the movie. I especially like the scene when George (Bertie) was at Lionel’s home talking about George’s ability to be the King. George was cramped into a chair, feeling uncomfortable and uncertain. The inferior feeling about himself was projected by the angle of the camera shooting from above. The wide angle made his body seems smaller than his head. It makes him look like someone with a big head, but no clue in what he has to do. With the yellowish fan pattern as the wallpaper of the room. The nervous Bertie seems desperate about his stammer problem.

The sound effect is one of the factors drawing viewers to feel what the people in the movie feel.

An interesting line from the movie comes when George went to visit his brother, David, who was the King then. George asked what David was doing. David said, “I’m kinging.” That’s one of the interesting lines from the movie.

Charles and I are happy to hear that “The King’s Speech” has got 4 awards at the Academy.

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  1. Charles Fusi says:

    The King’s Speech was a phenomenal film, well written, well chorographed. While you and I were in the theatre glue to our seats as the film rolls with King George VI struggling to safe his country from the formidable Germans, we looked at each other and nodded our heads in complete satisfaction. This was a complete test of manhood, and based on his tenasty he was able to overcome. He gave the speech of his life. Grace, your indepth analyis about the movie is apt and very encouraging to movies enthusiast.

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