It’s aleady the first week of Spring, but it’s still very chilly. It even snowed last Monday and on Thursday. Good thing is, the sun shines beautifully. When I look outside at my workstation, I feel good. I always have big windows all my life: where I live, study, work. I take it for granted for having big windows. Even when there were times when my workplace didn’t have big windows, I would find ways out. For example, I’d go out to the park next to my workplace for lunch, I’d walk around on the street or at the park before I headed back to work. I am such a sunny gal who enjoys every single moment under the sun. So, today, when I got back from church, I suggested to Charles for a walk out under the beautiful Spring sun, and the chilly Spring breeze. I was hoping that we would enjoy the warm, beautiful Sunday afternoon before we headed home for dinner. I didn’t know that my back and my hip would really stop me from going all the way to the center of Harvard Square. However, I thought it’s okay. As long as we enjoyed the sun, had a good time walking outdoor enjoying the fresh air, I was happy to head home with Charles and I would say we had a good Sunday afternoon.

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