free cone day

how about a free cone of late night snack?

Ben and Jerry is having a free cone day today. Starting from 12 noon till 8pm, we can enjoy a free single scoop of our choice. I guess it’s a good time to try the new flavor, “Late Night Snack”. After this new flavor got released, I haven’t have a chance to try it. In fact, I didn’t see it at Target last weekend when I went grocery shopping. I think it’s very cool for the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to have its special flavor at Ben and Jerry. It implies the idea that Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is so popular that we want to see a flavor of the show at the ice-cream rack.

I am not a big fan of Ben and Jerry. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean their products are not good. I am just more conscious on the price. I enjoy having nice ice-cream, but that will be once in a while when I think it’s time for me to give myself a good treat.

Just like watching the late night show after midnight. It’s easier to stay up and watch the first half of David Letterman. Just because I have to get up early during weekdays, it’s not easy to stay up every night. However, when I feel like a good laugh, it’s always a guarantee to tune into the late night shows.
So, let me stop by Ben and Jerry when I head home from work today (since there’s none around my work area).

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