The Princess’s Hat

The Royal wedding captured many eyes around the world back in April. I woke up at 4am sharp for the “show”. I didn’t really plan to get up to watch this. However, maybe the colonial nerve deep in my body didn’t let me sleep in case of missing the wedding of the Queen’s grandson.

While everybody is putting the focus on the outfit of the guests before Kate Middleton coming out with her wedding gown, here came Princess Beatrice, Sarah Ferguson’s daughter. She had a very awkward hat which caught my attention. Such a weird hat looks like a giant ribbon on the princess’s head as if she is a present.

Princess Beatrice's hat designed by Philip Treacy

The big “plate” was placed at the forehead and formed a bumper. At the same time, the symmetrical design of the ribbon reminds me the Chinese bat symbol, which is a auspicious symbol for prosperity.

Maybe it’s a good sign. In fact, this hat has been put at eBay for sale, looking forward to raise at least £5,000 for charity. And now, everyone is talking about this hat. Because of the eBay thing, the mom, Sarah Ferguson, got onto the TV talking about this. It seems that Princess Beatrice and her mom have got at least the limelight in this “show”.  Isn’t it a good news for the princess, Ferguson and the charity?

I guess the hat will eventually being put into a museum, with a caption saying “The ugly hat at the Royal Wedding has been worn by the brave Princess Beatrice”.

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