Charles was looking for the name of the song, which I think is more a jingle, for the newly released TV commercial for Norwegian Cruise Line.  It took us some time to look for it.  We went to the youtube and got something else.  Finally, we got the right one.  In fact, Norwegian Cruise Line also published it at their website.

Boy, the jingle is dandy.  It has a tag line “Cruise like a Norwegian”.  There are also other tag lines throughout the commercial, eg. “Party like a Brazilian”.  As for Charles, he sugguests “cruise like a professor of an emeritus”.  The melody is light-hearted, rhythmic, and relaxing.  “Let’s go~ Let’s go~ Let’s go”, “Come with me, let’s go~”, “Aay~Yah~Yah~Hah”…  The more you listen to it, the more you want to “cruise like a Norwegian”.

It’s really nice and we kept repeating it.  Okay, now we are already onboard.

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