The Iron Lady


Charles and I went to watch “The Iron Lady” on Monday. Like other viewers who watched the Golden Globe the night before, we had high expectations of the movie.

As expected, Ms. Streep has played very well in the movie, she has shown us how tough being a leader is like. At the same time, how the “Iron” lady has her soft moments. Let’s also give credits to the makeup and the costume people of the movie. They made Margaret Thatcher shines outside the political stage.

The background of the movie is in England. I couldn’t help myself, but to compare the movie with “The King’s Speech”, which Charles and I watched last time when we were in the same theatre. “The King’s Speech” is more easier to watch. “Easier”, I mean the movie is being portrayed in a chronological way. This is always an easier way to let viewers understand as the movie develops. Meanwhile, at “The Iron Lady”, the constant flash backs of Margaret Thatcher is a major reason makes the movie fragmentic. Although the flash backs didn’t trouble us to understand the movie, I just find it less appealing. Both Charles and I appreciate “The King’s Speech” better than “The Iron Lady” in terms of the way the movie flows.

I look at the movie in the way that the “Iron” lady has her soft moments. After all, Margaret Thatcher is a woman. She was already tough at the beginning of the movie even when her then boyfriend proposed to her. She said a lot of things about how she didn’t want to just get married and stay home in the kitchen. She wanted to do something. She also command her boyfriend by saying, “say you understand.” How can one imagine such a powerful young lady will eventually needs emotional support after she got retired and the husband has gone.

It may not be a praising movie to Maragret Thatcher, especailly when the movie is portraying her quite a weak person while she was struggling with the loss of her husband. However, at the same time, she finally moved on from the grief, back to the “Iron” lady. Understand?

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  1. CMrok93 says:

    Streep’s performance is so true and so uncannily accurate, so full and so complete in its understanding, that she is fascinating every second she is onscreen. As for the film itself, the structure is a bit off and the screenplay doesn’t really give us much else other than a history lesson, but a good history lesson at that. Nice review.

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