Starry Night

Starry Night – by Vincent van Gogh

Starry Night – by Vincent van Gogh

It was a starry night tonight.

When Charles and I headed out for dinner this evening, we looked up at the sky and were amazed by the starry night we have in the city. Indeed, living in a metropolitan city like where we are, it is not easy to see stars up in the sky when we are surrounded by millions of lights. Unless we go to a beach or up to the mountain, chances to see stars are very slim.

According to National Geographic, the lights we have in urban areas which affecting the night scene is called light pollution.

Unfortunately, the busier the city is, the more serious light pollution we have. I remember my mom told me that she used to see lots of stars when she was young. We don’t see stars very often nowadays, as if they are gone missing, some years later, they will be “disappeared”.

The reason why the stars amazed us tonight is not because we can see one or two, but a lot! All out of a sudden, we felt like we were on the road to New Hampshire or on the way back home after sunset. We could see the Big Dipper It was such a good sign when the sky is clear, the moon is full and clear, and the stars are shining bright.

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