I am not a feminist, but I am angry about how women are being treated unequally. I am not an activist, however, I argue it hard about how some people perceive women solely by stereotypes, gender roles, etc. We have just celebrated International Women’s Day, remembering we have come a long way for the equality of women. There was a special Google Doodle at the search engine dedicating this day to all women.

Google search on Women's Day

However, today, we are fighting for our rights of choice. Worse still, Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown Law student, and also the rest of us who are fighting for our rights, got named horrible names in this 21st century! How can someone believe that this is happening right now. At the same time, a conservative country like China has already announced that this is a holiday for all women, in order to honor women!

I truely believe that Rush Limbaugh is having his male ego so big that he is, at the same time, over-reacting because of his inferiority complex. Indeed, some men, like Rush, are afraid of listening to women. They are phobic that some day women are having their say, making decisions, or even becoming their leaders. Therefore, those men have to do all kinds of tricks to suppress women. They are just being pathetic! Someone like Rush knows only one thing about the pills.

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