Boston City Hall (part 2)

Boston City Hall named 1 of 25 buildings to demolish”

That is crazy!

I know some people think that this is not a beautiful building. Oh well, Boston City Hall may not be as beautiful and splendid as it’s neighbor, Fanueil Hall. However, it has its beauty and serves its purpose as a City Hall. I have also mentioned it in my previous post about Boston City Hall. There is no reason to demolish the building unless it is unsafe to keep.

20120627-234321.jpg Fanueil Hall

Boston City Hall is built in a way to cope with the slope where entrances at Congress Street are at a lower level than the other side of the building. It is absolutely a clever design where people can have an opiton to walk through the building from inside to the lower or upper level or take the steps outside the building. After 911, it may be a bit difficult to get into a building with government offices. However, it doesn’t mean that we, as public, can’t enjoy the beauty of the building when we need to get there to renew our resident stickers for our cars, or other activities inside the building. This concrete building symbolizes the modern era in the 60s, when new materials were introduced in this field of architecture. It is so irresponsible for the California Home + Design magazine just put this historical and iconic building into a demolish list.

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