Halloween Entertainment

Although trick-or-treating is not my thing, nor I had any plans for Halloween, the moment I heard the movie theme song, “Ghost Bride” of Mr. Vampire at Commercial Radio 2 on October 31, I decided to go home and see if I can watch that movie at youtube.

Mr. Vampire Trailer in English

That night, I managed to find the full version of the movie online and finished watching it. Mr. Vampire was released in 1985. One of the first horror-comedy movies about Chinese vampires or zombies. I have watched it before on TV. I believe if someone watches it in a theatre. The dark environment with a big screen in a theatre makes the movie more scary. What I remember the movie the most are the theme song, “Ghost Bride”, and the signature hopping move of the vampires.

The unique theme song with the Chinese melody sung by the children’s choir is playing when the movie shows the she-ghost comes out from the sedan, then flies and sits behind the young guy who is riding his bicycle home. When she looks back to her four strangely dressed carriers, they all waves her back and disappear in the bush! That is the scary part. That particular melody of the song plus the children’s choir, from there on, became the symbol of horror movie.

I googled Mr. Vampire and found that it is one of the first horror-comedy on Chinese vampires or zombies. It created a big success that it grossed HK$20,092,129. And then, I googled the all time box office in Hong Kong, the top movie is Transformers 3 (2011), with the total gross HK$10,883,894. The top made-in-HongKong movie, Kung Fu Hustle (2004), total gross HK$8,100,201. Both are not any closer to Mr. Vampire.

I guess, movie-goers are now prefer staying at home, watching movies from Netflix, or on demand. No wonder one of the biggest movie theatre in Hong Kong was recently closed down and give way to LV as another flagship store.

Mr. Vampire Original Hong Kong Trailer

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