Best Moments in 2012

We survived through all those rumors about the end of the world. And now, it’s time to review the year of 2012, and look forward for the new year.

It’s been one of the best moments I have had with Charles and my parents at Martha’s Vineyard. It was a wonderful weekend we had in August, with the summer breeze, waterfront and sunshine. Although we didn’t plan much for this trip, we managed to enjoy ourselves during our stay for the two days.

The drive to Cape Cod, then, taking the boat ride to the island marked the opening of our weekend vacation. We were lucky enough to get a homy hotel which made us feel comfy; had dinner at a dinaer which was filled with interesting decor reminding us the time when the movie “Grease” released. Walking along the neighborhood where the summer beach/ waterfront atmosphere at the home of the movie “Jaws” added a spice of excitment during our exploration at the island. The gingerbread houses at Martha’s Vineyard were also something to enjoy watching.

This Martha’s Vineyard trip was short, yet filled with happiness, excitment.

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