Outdoor in Spring Time

“The Moment” taken in 2008 Boston Marathon

Spring sure is blooming for sports, just like the flowers at the garden. MLB has just launched the opening. NBA is rounding up for the playoffs. NHL is not far down the road as well. We are still gluing ourselves with The Masters at Augusta, GA, wondering if Adam Scott can get the green jacket for his first time. And, tomorrow is the annual marathon in Boston, which is one of the oldest sports event in Boston.

I regard myself as an outdoor person. Although I am nocturnal as well, I love to stay under the sun during the day. Even when I am drawing or reading at home, I love to stay by the window so that I can see the blue sky and hear the bird chirps while I’m at work. I would feel more lively to walk outdoor, than inside a mall; or just to sit at the porch with the sun shining up in the sky. Staying indoor too long without any connection with the nature can drain my energy level. However, in Spring time, the sun can be too shy to come out. I saw frequent rainstorms at the Golf channel lately. Just like The Masters we are watching right now, it’s been raining since I forgot when. It’s gloomy, but yet, somehow when I see the green grass, it’s not too bad. At least, staying indoor with the connection with that piece of green golf course makes me feel better about the absence of the sunny day. Let’s hope the Boston Marathon is blessed with a beautiful weather tomorrow.

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