2014 part 3 the end

It was 2 years from now when I checked off my bucket list with the count down in New York City. I was with Charles and his brother, Richard and the family from London. It was once in a life time things-to-do. We managed to get a hotel close to Times Square which made our life earlier before and after the count down. The NYPD helped the crowd to get into the area in a systematic way. I’m sure this year they will do the same to help the crowd enjoy the count down.

Unfortunately, it has been so many negative news this year relating to our public servants. Two of my cousins are police, taking such a dangerous career. I pray for their safety at work. Being a policeman was one of our childhood dreams. We were impressed by the nature of being a policeman is to protect and serve the public and fight against the evil. Just like superman without the super power. Police reform is unavoidable. I hope with faith the reform will benefit the society and, mostly, justice.


This 2014, Charles and I made two international trips, both were not really in our plans, but we tried to enjoy every moment. We like to buy postcards as souvenir. We like, especially to send to our family and friends, and ourselves.

Happy New Year!

Postcard from Narita, Japan

Postcard from Narita, Japan

Postcard from Hong Kong

Postcard from Hong Kong

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