New York, New York


Three times in a month I am in New York City. Something told me that I haven’t posted anything at my blog for quite a while which I should do something about it.

As a Bostonian, NYC is a jumping place for a weekend getaway. As someone originally from a metropolitan city, precisely, Hong Kong, I don’t fancy living in NYC. However, I do enjoy coming for a weekend for events or activities. Just that three times in a month seems a lot to handle.

I came here in three different weeks for family, work, and friend. Charles was with me twice. Every time I came to NYC, I visited Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Central Park. Of course, Times Square was one of the destinations.

Being alone allowed me to spend time observing art works or exploring places. I was amazed to spot a family of two ducks and three ducklings at the reservoir in Central Park the second time this month when I was here. The three little ones were trying to paddle in their “private pool” guarded and guided by their parents alongside. When every jogger was busy with their routine, it was wonderful to see how the nature works.

I came back to the Central Park today. This time, I was with Charles. As soon as we got to the reservoir, I saw the very same five-membered family again. The little ones have grown so much in 2 weeks time. They are now swimming with their parents in the water. One thing hasn’t changed: their parents are still by their side, guarding and guiding them.

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