Best of 2018

“Madonna and Child from Vietnam” artist unknown

I have been thinking of some of my special moments in 2018, and I would like to share them before the count down to 2019:

1. Abi’s first time on her potty. The past Saturday, December 29th, was a BIG day for Abi and me. She wanted to use her potty! After I changed her diaper, she didn’t want me to tighten her fresh one. I asked if she wanted to poo poo, and she said yes. She literally said “Or C”, which is Chinese of “going poo poo”. So, I took her to her pooty. There I heard the sound of water running. She went wee wee! Although it’s just a number 1 job, it’s a big deal to us! I was holding her while she was on her potty. We later cleaned and flushed together. Afterwards, I put her fresh diaper on and we were so happy that we did high fives with both hands and we clapped. Abi was really excited about it that she was laughing as well. That night, we went to Por Por, her grandma’s. Abi did it again. Bravo, Abi! Mommy is proud of you!

2. Reunion with family and long-time friends. This is a great feeling that I got reconnected with my family and friends whom I have not seen quite a while ago, or maybe over 20 years ago. What’s more? We got closer. There are times when we all are very busy with our lives especially after we grew up and moved on to various directions. When we can meet again and spend intimate time together. I felt we have known each other more. Time worth spending in 2018. Thank you for being part of it.

3. Abi’s first birthday, school (daycare), swimming class. All these first’s are my favorite moments. Of course, that includes her first potty time. Abi’s first birthday was a long day. We went to Ben and Jerry’s factory with Mark and the family. It was a long drive from Boston, but it was fun. Abi loves ice-cream. However, in the end, she was too exhausted for her own Hello Kitty ice-cream birthday cake. She was even scared from us saying “Ho Yeah” (“hurray” in Cantonese) and clapping after singing the birthday song. She is daring but chicken sometimes.

4. Squeezing time with Charles. It’s not easy when Abi is so attached on me. Charles and I have to find time to spend just for ourselves. Most of the time, is when we have things to do, especially when we are also managing our rental business. We worked together this year and we continue to move mountains.

5. Take time to reflect. I was blessed to be invited to join a prayer in the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I saw an image from Vietnam of Our Lady with the Baby Jesus. It reminds me of Abi and myself. I also reflected my relationship with my mom, who has been very helpful in taking care long Abi and the whole family. I am blessed.

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