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New Year Dream

Am I just day-dreaming? My WordPress site had been sitting here silently for a long time. As far as I remember, I managed to write a review before 2018 ends. I don’t recall I have ever done anything for 2019. … Continue reading

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Best of 2018

“Madonna and Child from Vietnam” artist unknown I have been thinking of some of my special moments in 2018, and I would like to share them before the count down to 2019: 1. Abi’s first time on her potty. The … Continue reading

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What Can You Achieve In 9 Months

Abigail was born after I have carried her for 38 weeks. That was 9 months of pregnancy. And now, we are celebrating her 9 months old.

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God’s Gift

Since when my blog becomes once a year review or something? Quite frankly, 2017 has been super busy and partly tired for me, especially after Abi was born. Before June 14, I was busy preparing both at home for her … Continue reading

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New York, New York

Three times in a month I am in New York City. Something told me that I haven’t posted anything at my blog for quite a while which I should do something about it. As a Bostonian, NYC is a jumping … Continue reading

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Pope in US at YouTube

It was a Sunday Night Football night two weeks ago. When the Pats were done, and Charles wasn’t really care about the rest, I started to flip through channels until I saw a cute commercial. It was Pope Francis in … Continue reading

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Take It Seriously

What do you see? Symbols convey meanings. That’s why corporates wants an effective symbol to represent their business when it comes to logo design. There are certain symbols bear the consequences of historical events. I truly believe that the Confederate Flag becomes a … Continue reading

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Smart Payment

Charles and I just played around with the Google Wallet last night as I just received a replacement for my Samsung Galaxy Note II after it was certified malfunction. With the updated operation system, this “new” phone with the same model seemed like … Continue reading

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New Google Doodle Honors Instant-Noodle Inventor Momofuku Ando

I just had cup noodles few days ago. What a great invention! It’s especially delicious when one is on board in a ferry or a plane.

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Like A Girl

All eyes were on Super Bowl yesterday. There were almost half of the population in the American soil watched the game last night. Of course, being an New Englander, I am happy to see the Patriots won again. The game … Continue reading

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