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Pope in US at YouTube

It was a Sunday Night Football night two weeks ago. When the Pats were done, and Charles wasn’t really care about the rest, I started to flip through channels until I saw a cute commercial. It was Pope Francis in … Continue reading

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Take It Seriously

What do you see? Symbols convey meanings. That’s why corporates wants an effective symbol to represent their business when it comes to logo design. There are certain symbols bear the consequences of historical events. I truly believe that the Confederate Flag becomes a … Continue reading

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I Want To Know Who Owns The Rocks Called The Diaoyu Islands

There is a dispute between China and Japan, possibly involving Taiwan, recently on the Diaoyu Islands, as known as Senkaku Islands. Actually this dispute has been an on-going issue as the group of islands, or even rocks – to be … Continue reading

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America the Beautiful by Mitt

David Letterman has teased about Mitt Romney’s singing of “America the Beautiful” in his Late Night Show. Mitt’s version has been on the show for so many times that I suspect that gave inspirations to the President’s campaign group which came … Continue reading

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I am not a feminist, but I am angry about how women are being treated unequally. I am not an activist, however, I argue it hard about how some people perceive women solely by stereotypes, gender roles, etc. We have … Continue reading

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Let’s re-run the frozen moment of Texas Governor Rick Perry at the presidential debate on November 9, 2011 when he was talking about the three government agencies that he would cut if he got elected as the President. Here is … Continue reading

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