Best of 2018

“Madonna and Child from Vietnam” artist unknown

I have been thinking of some of my special moments in 2018, and I would like to share them before the count down to 2019:

1. Abi’s first time on her potty. The past Saturday, December 29th, was a BIG day for Abi and me. She wanted to use her potty! After I changed her diaper, she didn’t want me to tighten her fresh one. I asked if she wanted to poo poo, and she said yes. She literally said “Or C”, which is Chinese of “going poo poo”. So, I took her to her pooty. There I heard the sound of water running. She went wee wee! Although it’s just a number 1 job, it’s a big deal to us! I was holding her while she was on her potty. We later cleaned and flushed together. Afterwards, I put her fresh diaper on and we were so happy that we did high fives with both hands and we clapped. Abi was really excited about it that she was laughing as well. That night, we went to Por Por, her grandma’s. Abi did it again. Bravo, Abi! Mommy is proud of you!

2. Reunion with family and long-time friends. This is a great feeling that I got reconnected with my family and friends whom I have not seen quite a while ago, or maybe over 20 years ago. What’s more? We got closer. There are times when we all are very busy with our lives especially after we grew up and moved on to various directions. When we can meet again and spend intimate time together. I felt we have known each other more. Time worth spending in 2018. Thank you for being part of it.

3. Abi’s first birthday, school (daycare), swimming class. All these first’s are my favorite moments. Of course, that includes her first potty time. Abi’s first birthday was a long day. We went to Ben and Jerry’s factory with Mark and the family. It was a long drive from Boston, but it was fun. Abi loves ice-cream. However, in the end, she was too exhausted for her own Hello Kitty ice-cream birthday cake. She was even scared from us saying “Ho Yeah” (“hurray” in Cantonese) and clapping after singing the birthday song. She is daring but chicken sometimes.

4. Squeezing time with Charles. It’s not easy when Abi is so attached on me. Charles and I have to find time to spend just for ourselves. Most of the time, is when we have things to do, especially when we are also managing our rental business. We worked together this year and we continue to move mountains.

5. Take time to reflect. I was blessed to be invited to join a prayer in the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I saw an image from Vietnam of Our Lady with the Baby Jesus. It reminds me of Abi and myself. I also reflected my relationship with my mom, who has been very helpful in taking care long Abi and the whole family. I am blessed.

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What Can You Achieve In 9 Months

Abigail was born after I have carried her for 38 weeks. That was 9 months of pregnancy. And now, we are celebrating her 9 months old.

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God’s Gift

Since when my blog becomes once a year review or something? Quite frankly, 2017 has been super busy and partly tired for me, especially after Abi was born. Before June 14, I was busy preparing both at home for her birth and at work for my maternity leave. She even came a week early to surprise us. What a great joy! Time flew so quick since then as my life seemed suddenly went between nursing and resting only. I didn’t even have time to post photos and updates at my Facebook. It gets a bit better now, although my 6-month old is still very attached. To be honest, sometimes I enjoy her attachness to me as she and I spend special moments together. Maybe I should try to post more stories about going between nursing and resting. 

Right now, Abi is sleeping peacefully on my lap. 

Five more mintues to 2018 and I feel like to join Abi and her dad. 

Happy New Year!

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New York, New York


Three times in a month I am in New York City. Something told me that I haven’t posted anything at my blog for quite a while which I should do something about it.

As a Bostonian, NYC is a jumping place for a weekend getaway. As someone originally from a metropolitan city, precisely, Hong Kong, I don’t fancy living in NYC. However, I do enjoy coming for a weekend for events or activities. Just that three times in a month seems a lot to handle.

I came here in three different weeks for family, work, and friend. Charles was with me twice. Every time I came to NYC, I visited Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Central Park. Of course, Times Square was one of the destinations.

Being alone allowed me to spend time observing art works or exploring places. I was amazed to spot a family of two ducks and three ducklings at the reservoir in Central Park the second time this month when I was here. The three little ones were trying to paddle in their “private pool” guarded and guided by their parents alongside. When every jogger was busy with their routine, it was wonderful to see how the nature works.

I came back to the Central Park today. This time, I was with Charles. As soon as we got to the reservoir, I saw the very same five-membered family again. The little ones have grown so much in 2 weeks time. They are now swimming with their parents in the water. One thing hasn’t changed: their parents are still by their side, guarding and guiding them.

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Pope in US at YouTube


It was a Sunday Night Football night two weeks ago. When the Pats were done, and Charles wasn’t really care about the rest, I started to flip through channels until I saw a cute commercial. It was Pope Francis in various interesting scenarios during his visit to US which captured my eyes. It was only a 30-second commercial, and the shots were too short to catch. Luckily, mom saw it at YouTube and I am able to view it again and again.

Pope Francis is a star!

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Take It Seriously

What do you see?

red cross straight

Red Cross? Medical? Hospital?


Wrong? Multiple?

Symbols convey meanings. That’s why corporates wants an effective symbol to represent their business when it comes to logo design. There are certain symbols bear the consequences of historical events. I truly believe that the Confederate Flag becomes a symbol of the dark history in the United States of America, which has to be taken down, especially after the shooting at Charleston, SC. I just don’t understand why it takes so long for the people in the position to make an executive decision to #TakeItDown.


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Smart Payment

Charles and I just played around with the Google Wallet last night as I just received a replacement for my Samsung Galaxy Note II after it was certified malfunction. With the updated operation system, this “new” phone with the same model seemed like a new toy to us. We were exploring around and got into Google Wallet. It sounds a very smart way to shop with Google Wallet, so we punched in various gift cards and put $20 in it hoping that we can do a new way of shopping. We were excited to know that McDonald’s takes Google Wallet. We went to McDonald’s today after a long time we haven’t had fast food. We felt like Morgan Spurlock using Bitcoin for the first time. Unfortunately, no one there knows how to charge us with the Google Wallet. The manager happens to use iPhone, so we used Charles’ phone with Apple Pay for the first time instead. First round, Apple Pay won.

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New Google Doodle Honors Instant-Noodle Inventor Momofuku Ando

I just had cup noodles few days ago. What a great invention! It’s especially delicious when one is on board in a ferry or a plane.


Thursday marks the 105th birthday of Taiwanese-Japanese inventor Momofuku Ando, whose instant noodles revolutionized the food world, and Google is honoring this king of quick cuisine with a new Google Doodle.

As TIME wrote back in 2006, “In 1958, Momofuku Ando, an unassuming entrepreneur living in Osaka, created the instant noodle — and a continent has been feasting on his invention ever since.”

However, the road was not easy for the founder of Nissin Food Products. Ando struggled to find the right balance and create noodles that were tasty but did not become mush when boiled. The secret, learned from his wife, was to spray the noodles with chicken soup and then fry them in tempura oil.

The instant noodle, a dietary staple for every college student from Asia to America, had come to fruition.

Ando was born during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan in 1910, moved to Japan…

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Like A Girl

All eyes were on Super Bowl yesterday. There were almost half of the population in the American soil watched the game last night. Of course, being an New Englander, I am happy to see the Patriots won again. The game was so dramatic that we were very nervous at one point.

The focus also went to Katy Perry’s excellent performance at her half time show. Just like the game, there wasn’t a quiet moment. From the entrances with the giant tiger, till flying away the shooting star. Our eyes were glued in front of the screen, trying to find out what comes next.

Not to be missed, the commercials. It was a bit disappointed that there were not that manu outstanding Super Bowl commercials. Luckily, we can still see some impressive ones. I especially like “Like A Girl” by Always. I was so touched by it that I had tears in my eyes at the end. The message was great.

There were some other interesting commercials, but I really like the girl power between the men’s game.

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2014 part 3 the end

It was 2 years from now when I checked off my bucket list with the count down in New York City. I was with Charles and his brother, Richard and the family from London. It was once in a life time things-to-do. We managed to get a hotel close to Times Square which made our life earlier before and after the count down. The NYPD helped the crowd to get into the area in a systematic way. I’m sure this year they will do the same to help the crowd enjoy the count down.

Unfortunately, it has been so many negative news this year relating to our public servants. Two of my cousins are police, taking such a dangerous career. I pray for their safety at work. Being a policeman was one of our childhood dreams. We were impressed by the nature of being a policeman is to protect and serve the public and fight against the evil. Just like superman without the super power. Police reform is unavoidable. I hope with faith the reform will benefit the society and, mostly, justice.


This 2014, Charles and I made two international trips, both were not really in our plans, but we tried to enjoy every moment. We like to buy postcards as souvenir. We like, especially to send to our family and friends, and ourselves.

Happy New Year!

Postcard from Narita, Japan

Postcard from Narita, Japan

Postcard from Hong Kong

Postcard from Hong Kong

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